Portrait Procedure & Fees 

Song Hye Joung was born and raised in Taegu, South Korea. In Korea, she was a translator and devote Christian with an exceptional family upbringing that includes 3 older sisters and a younger brother. Hye Joung Tibby has an outstanding personable character and reserved traditional set of values that stems from her Korean mother & family. Since childhood Hye Joung has enjoyed studying foreign language & other cultures, thus her transition away from her family and native culture has been seamless. Hye Joung also has a wonderful talent for singing and originally thought she would pursue a musical career. In 1997, in Korea, she married her loving husband Kent Tibby and subsequently they began their lives together in Southern California the following year. Although Hye Joung has been a life long exceptional drawer, she never touched a paint brush until the year 2002. A peek into the family ancestry led to the discovery that Hye Joung, who is left-handed, had members that were successful in Asian various arts. Her very first accomplished piece submitted to the Annual Carlsbad & Oceanside Art League Juried show won "Best of Show" in 2004, thus setting her career in motion.

Hye Joung Tibby's career is demanding realistic portraiture of individuals, animals, and landscapes. Every portrait she endeavors upon is a combination of her God-given talent & the traditional technical skill she has absorbed from her study of Old Great Masters and other portrait artists she admire: Rembrant van Rijn, John Singer Sargent, Daniel E. Greene, Jonathan Linton, Morgan Weistling, Richard Schmid, Scott Burdick & Jeremy Lipking. Hye Joung Tibby has tremendous pride in every painting she creates. To her, painting is attempt at understanding the links between her sense of visual harmony and her emotional response. Hye Joung's goal in portraiture is to transcend contemporary elements and project a timeless quality. Her goal as an artist is ultimately to embrace life instead of just making paintings... Her skill set also includes framing design which is very significant for her works & clientele. about to start painting