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Monica 20 x 24 Oil

The Dunwell Family 24 x 18 Oil

Brotherhood 24 x 18 Oil

"We feel like we can't even express the gratitude we feel towards you in words. You have created so many beautiful portraits for us that have become family heirlooms that will be treasured for years. Your work goes even beyond what a photograph captures because it's almost like you add extra life to it. You truly capture the personality of your subject on canvas. We are in absolute awe of you and your gift! It is so amazing that you have only been painting with oils for four years! You truly are blessed with a God given talent and we are blessed to have met you. You are as sweet of a person as you are talented and we feel like we have made a life long friend too! --- Love, The Dunwell Family" --- November 14, 2006


"Many times I have sat down to write you this e-mail to express my feelings about the portrait you did of my mother and myself - and many times I have stopped. There is no way to convey on paper what you have painted on canvas. No way at all. I brought many friends in to see the painting while it was being done and they all expressed such "shock" over the beauty of what you were creating. The reality, the sensitivity, the depth of soul and finally the warmth. When I gave the picture to my 89 year old mother, she broke down crying and held it on her lap for almost 15 minutes before I hung it on her wall. You have taken mortality and transformed it into immortality with this beautiful work of art of my mother and myself. You are gifted beyond what even you know. You are truly an artist with passion, conviction and a depth of soul that is beyond your years. I hope you print this e-mail on your website for all to read and I hope, in some small way through this e-mail, I can extend an invitation for others to experience the gift of you. --- Sincerely, Richard Stanczyk" ---"June 11th, 2006

Richard With Mother 20 x 16 Oil



Maui Sunset 40 x 30 Oil

"I asked Hye Joung to create an oil painting from a photograph of a Maui sunset that my husband took while on our vacation. Hye Joung immediately agreed to take on the task, worked diligently to capture the beautiful Maui sunset on canvas. She is a pleasure to work with, very talented and service oriented. We now have our first oil painting in our living room, a constant reminder of our wonderful Hawaiian 30th anniversary celebration. We highly recommend Hye Joung Tibby to anyone with a desire for beautiful oil paintings that will keep fun memories alive in their home. --- Linell M. Killus --- January, 2007


Jamal loved the portrait! He said that it is the “best gift that I have ever given to him”! Thank you so much! --- Surel Williams --- January, 2007

Jamal Williams 24 x 24 Oil




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